Book Formats

Our books are available in many formats…including digital!  This page gives a brief overview of the formats and how you can read them.

Paperback–traditional, physical book that you might find any any brick-and-mortar bookstore or library.  Advantages: take it anywhere. Disadvantages: they can be heavy and the text might be too small.

Kindle–a digital version of the book in Kindle format.  This format is put out by Amazon and can only be read with a Kindle e-reader or a free Kindle app.  Kindle apps are available for your computer, iphone/andoid phone or ipad. Advantages: Take practically no physical space.  You can enlarge the text on your device.  Search the text easily.  Look up a unfamiliar word with the built in dictionary.  Disadvantages: Your device must be charged to read the book.  Learn more here.

Kobo–a digital version of the book in Kobo format.  This format is put out by Chapters.  To read a Kobo book you will need a Kobo e-reader or a free version of the Kobo app.  It is available for your computer, smart phone or tablet. Advantages and disadvantages are the same as for Kindle–with one extra advantage–with a Kobo you can borrow ebooks from Canadian libraries and read them on you device.

ebook–a digital version of your book in epub. format.  epub is the standard digital book format and can be read with Adobe Digital Editions, a free program.  It can be installed on your computer, smart phone or ipad.

Nook–This format is similar to Kindle and Kobo.  It is put out by Barnes & Noble.  You will need a Nook e-reader or free app to read the books in this format.  Advantages and Disadvantages are basically the same as for Kindle and Kobo.  The Nook e-reader is not yet available to purchase in Canada.

iTunes Book–A digital book format sold through the iTunes bookstore and available to read on your iPad.

Which e-reader should you go with?  I suggest checking our Consumer Reports–a publication that should be available through your local library and see what they have to say about the differences in e-readers. Also check out reviews online.  Here is one to begin with. 2013 Best ebook reader reviews.