A Family Historian’s Approach to the Prophet Isaiah: Part 3

After I have recorded what I know about an ancestor, supplemented it with additional information, and sought to read the original records, I reach the point where it is time to synthesize the information.

Someone once said ‘if you want to write about war, make sure it is one man’s war’. In other words help people see, hear and feel another place, time or perspective.

For example I might take the following handful of family history facts:

St-Martin church, Lanrigan, Brittany, France

—Vincente Droulet was 28-years old when her husband died.
—They lived in Lanrigan, France.
—She had a two-month-old baby.
—It was 17 Dec 1698 when he was buried.

And use them as the base for a story…

The wind blew through the cemetery of Lanrigan. Vincente wrapped the shawl closer around her infant son. She stood next to her father-in-law as the cold earth was shovelled on her husband’s simple coffin. Life was always uncertain, often hard, but she was unprepared for Bertrand’s death… Now how would she survive?

For me, synthesizing Isaiah’s life and teachings has been a similar process.

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