“Go Ye Up Unto This Feast”: A General Conference Poem









Autumn leaves bring Thanksgiving and General Conference.  In ancient Israel it brought the Feast of Tabernacles, celebrating the harvest.  I’m celebrating all three with a General Conference poem.

“Go Ye Up Unto This Feast”
based on John 7, Deuteronomy 16

“Go ye up unto this feast,”
Jesus told his brethren,
for the Feast of Tabernacles had come.
All Judea sought to celebrate God’s goodness,
for the harvest had been gathered in.

“Thou shalt rejoice in thy feast…
a solemn feast…”
so read the ancient text
recorded by Moses.
And so they journeyed
with their wives and children
up to Jerusalem.

In the midst of the celebrations,
in the midst of the temple,
came Jesus.

He drew on the promises
of ancient Feast-Goers:
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel…

“If any man will do [God]s will,”
Jesus taught the people,
“he shall know of the doctrine,
whether it be of God,
or whether I speak of myself…
if any man thirst,
let him come unto me,
and drink…
he that believeth on me,
as the scripture hath said,
out of his belly
shall flow rivers of living water…”

Once again the Lord invites:
“Go ye up unto this feast…”
And, through the crisp autumn glories,
family and friends will gather.
Warm homes will echo
with laughter and story.

In the midst of our celebration,
Jesus will come, as He did before,
to the Feast of Thanksgiving.
He will come teaching, through His servants,
and he will come promising, through the Holy Spirit.

And those who do His will
will be as a watered garden,
will be as a tree beside the water,
will be as healing waters from the temple: