He comes in the Still: Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit

screenshot_1575The beginning of it all was a quiet hour among his father’s books,” his son wrote in Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret.

The family was away.  His mother, visiting friends, had broken off her visit to pray for her son.  Meanwhile Hudson, bored with no family home, had picked up a little booklet intending to read until it got “too prosy”.

“As the story merged into something more serious he was arrested by the words: “The finished work of Christ.” Who can explain the mystery of the Holy Spirit’s working? Truth long familiar, though neglected, came back to mind and heart. “Why does the writer use those words?” he questioned.”

So how did God answer the mother’s prayer?  By prompting a question that invited the boy to pause and think.  Pause and open his mind to the answer.  This allowed the Holy Spirit, the still small voice to enter into the pause, to enter in the still and remind the boy of what he had been taught but neglected since childhood.


This led not only to Hudson’s conversion but to the conversion and work of many in China as he founded the Inland China Mission.


As you pray today seeking blessings from the Highest for yourself, family and friends remember the Holy Spirit comes in the still.  Take time to question, to pause and receive the fruits of the Spirit.

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