How to Import Notes into the LDS Gospel Library app


On the LDS Gospel Library app you have a category called Notes.  In the Notes section you can create notebooks.  In these notebooks you can create tops and  store quotes and scripture passages that you like.

You can also create your own notes and paste text from your clipboard to the notes also.  So, for example, if your Patriarchal Blessing was typed up you could copy it to your iPad’s clipboard and then paste it into notes.  Or if there is a selection for a BYU speech or an online quote that fits the topic you are studying you could include that also.

Here is how.

Copy Text to Clipboard

If the text you want to add to your Study Notebook is online (at BYU Speeches for example) go to that site and select the text.  Command+C to copy (Ctrl+c on windows).  If the text is not online but on your computer (such as your Patriarchal Blessing) then you could email or dropbox the text to yourself and copy it as above.

Now it is in your iPad’s memory and you are ready for the next step.

Paste Text into Notebook

1) Open up the LDS Gospel Library app.







2) Tap on Notes









3) Tap on Study

image copy








4) Create a Notebook if you don’t already have one.  To do this tap the plus button.  If you already have notebooks but want to create a new one tap ‘Edit’ at the bottom right.  You will then see a plus sign on the bottom left.  Tap that to create a new notebook.

edit notebook







image copy plus








4) Tap on your notebook.  Tap on Edit in the bottom right.  You should see a faint plus sign at the top of the screen.  Tap that and a text box will appear where you can paste your text.

image copy 2








5) Tap Save in the top right of the text box.

There.  Now you have text in your Notebook from outside the LDS Gospel Study app!