End of 30 Ways, 30 Days Challenge

Gospel Study challengeWell, I didn’t end up completing my 30 ways, 30 days Gospel Study Adventure.  It went well for a week then plummeted down never to rise again!

What went wrong?

I think it was the energy it would take to plan, gather materials, read, do and write a blog post about it.  That’s quite a lot to cover for each day.

Too much in fact.

Besides learning I was taking on too much each day I also learned that the many methods of retention work better for me then just straight reading.  Mindmapping, drawing, poeming and other retention methods help me weave the gospel principles and lessons into my soul, intentionally making them a part of my being.

That’s great!

What About You?

Did you participate in the Gospel Study Advnture?  Did you make it to the end?  Leave a comment below.