Day 19ish–Hymn-Study

Christmas dawnGospel Study Adventure Day 19…picking up from where I left off several days ago.

I woke up at 5:30 and wanted some quick, easy form of gospel study.  So I opened my LDS Gospel Library app and turned to the hymnal.  Which hymn to read through?  My eyes lighted on “Awake and Arise” by Theodore E. Curtis–so appropriate for this morning!

1) Awake and Arise

 Awake and arise, O ye slumbering nations!
The heavens have opened their portals again.
The last and the greatest of all dispensations
Has burst like a dawn o’er the children of men!

Does dawn “burst”?  I don’t think so.  The silver light spreads gradually as the sun rises higher.  It is often accompanied by birdsong and clean, sweet wind carrying the scent of the dew-wet foliage.  It is  a brisk, invigorating part of the day that invests the early riser with energy and power to do the work when the heat of the day descends.

Has the restoration done the same thing?  Spread gradually over the earth bringing a infusion of life-giving and refreshen energy and power in its advent?

2) The Crown of the Ages

The dream of the poet, the crown of the ages,
The time which the prophets of Israel foretold,
That glorious day only dreamed by the sages
Is yours, O ye slumbering nations; behold!

With the new dawn we get the gift of another 24 hours of time and energy.  We get the gift of sunlight and warmth and life (though it might be covered by clouds).  With the dawn of the restoration we get the “time which the prophets of Isreal foretold”.  The dream, the crown, the glorious day…

3) Story and Song

Oh, lift up your voices in song and in story.
Let banners of peace in all lands be unfurled,
For truth, heaven-born, in its beauty and glory
Is marching triumphantly over the world.

Eventually the dawn gives way to full-fledged day and the work that comes with it.  Likewise the dawn of the restoration births that “glorious day” and the work that comes with it.

What work is that?  This verse seems to describes the work of the gospel day as a parade with banners and marching and singing.  Not appealing.

What if we took the ostentatiousness down a notch?  Share and praiseWhosAbsent in song and story in the home?  Unfurl that figurative “banner of peace” in the home and community before trying it on the nation?

It reminds me of the propaganda posts from World War 1–the War Effort Needs You!” and the figure points at the reader–well the Peace Effort Needs You to…

Truth “marching”?  What about Truth walking, or rocking (a child), or standing still and shining like a star or a lighthouse? Or what about going back to the beginning of the verse and we have Truth singing and telling stories, of Truth and Peace walking hand in hand…

Things to think about!

What About You?

What insights did you gain from your gospel study today?  Leave a comment below.