8 Steps to Intentional Gospel Study

I fell off my 30 ways, 30 days bandwagon…now, having re-evaluated, I am climbing back on.

I’ve discovered that making time to read or listen to scriptures and gospel study materials isn’t very hard–I have lots of moments throughout the day (moments I would usually consider similarly to spare change and let slip away as inconsequential) to read or listen to scripture.

After all there is always those times when the mind sits idle such as bussing places or cleaning.  But in doing those activities the hands are usually busy.

Intentionally setting out to incorporate gospel study into my life by some activity–such as a mind map or a drawing or study of some sort–takes more time, involves more brain power.

Here are the seven steps I’m trying to make my Intentional Gospel Study Plan work better.

1) Remember intentional gospel study is not a meeting between myself and my gospel study materials…it is a meeting between myself and my King in his library.  

2) Envision each morning stepping into the royal library. The Heavenly King’s library contains history, poetry, art, music, story, prophesy, questions to ponder.  His library is full of light from heaven and the warmth and guidance of the Holy Spirit’s presence.  

The atmosphere is charged with a powerful mildness which invites to learn and do good. Living water, simple truths, no clutter, no hurry…a nice place to go early in the morning before we enter the world and all its busyness and stress.

3) Plan on Sunday morning (as I have time before church) what I want to study each day of the week.  Review the scripture readings or lessons so I have an idea of what types of memory-making activities would help carry the richness of the stories, principles and messages into my life and weave them into my soul.

4) Gather the necessary books, materials and other items in one place.  For me this means opening up individual windows on my LDS Gospel app for each scripture reading/manual I am going to be studying.  It also means gathering the materials for the activities I’m going to do–such as paper and crayons, scissors and glue, charged camera with sd card, hymnal and guitar tuner.

5) Schedule as I don’t have a 9-5 day job my work varies and so does the time I can spend each day on gospel study.  I aim for half-an-hour in the mornings and schedule it into my calendar.  Since it is so light in the summer I’m thinking of 5:30 to 6 a.m. However some days it might mean listening/reading as I commute or clean.

6) Journal what I have discovered in my daily intentional gospel study.  What principle did I learn?  What story impressed me?

7) Evaluate and Act how can I act on the principle I learned?  how can the examples in the story uplift, inspire and motivate me to live better?  Evaluate and then act on that lesson.

8) Reward my efforts with a small reward. A gold star on the calendar  which helps me visualize forward progress.  Perhaps a book as a larger reward.

What About You?

How are you coming in your intentional gospel study?  What have you done to keep yourself on track and not fall off the bandwagon?