Day 7: Let the Holy Spirit Guide:


“Where there is devotional music ” Johann Bach assures, “God is always at hand with His gracious presence.”

Isn’t that nice?

This morning’s Gospel Study Adventure is to sing or play a hymn related to the topic you are studying.  I am studying Lesson 13 The Holy Ghost in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual.

So I dig out my copy of Hymns Made Easy and turned to the hymn “Let the Holy Sprit Guide” written by Penelope Allen for the 1985 LDS Hymnbook.

The day before this hymn was due to be printed, Our Latter-day Hymns records,  the hymnbook committee called her up asking for a last minute change to the last two lines which tell us what we can do to invite the Spirit into our lives.

She could think of no change and went to bed with a  prayer in her heart.  In the morning she woke up with the word “purity” in her mind, and that became the emphasis for the last lines “May we purify our lives to receive him hour by hour.”

What About You?

What hymn are you singing or playing today?  Leave a comment below!

Check in this evening for a visual quote and to see how the hymn affected my day.