Check In Gospel Study Day 6

Watching the children’s video of David and Goliath brightened my day and reminded me that:

  • Being faithful to my work prepares me for greater responsibilities (just like David faithfully protecting his father’s flock prepared him to defeat Goliath)
  • Practising my God-given talents may bless others in the future (as David’s harp-playing and psalms blessed King Saul)
  • Humility, faith in the living God and courage will help me face impossible odds (just like David defeated Goliath)
  • Untried armour is more hinderance then help (just like the King’s armour didn’t do David any good)
  • Reminded to put on the whole armour of God: truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and the sword of the Spirit.

Here’s my visual quote for the day, reminds me that like David and Joseph of Egypt I am planted by a “well” and will be able to grow and produce fruit as I take nourishment from the living water.

Day 6 Visual