Story in Front of Us: Gospel Study Adventure Day 5

screenshot_1432 Video version of scripture stories and other gospel study material helps us visualize the events through reenactments.

I couldn’t find a short video retelling of the story of David & Jonathan or David & Saul  that was not animated–disappointing–so am viewing a  “Mormon Message” about true friends on the LDS Gospel Library app instead (it is under Videos).

The Mormon Messages are “short messages about values and principles important to society” and you can see them organized by topic here.

What about You?

Did you find a video reenactment to watch?  If you are studying the New Testament try The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos which are very well done and taken from scripture. This series of videos is also available on the LDS Gospel Library app.

If you are studying Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants or Old Testament their are video presentations at or through the LDS Gospel Study app under Videos.

Leave a comment below and check in this evening for what I gained from watching the video and a visual quote reminder!