The Dragons of Circumstance: Gospel Study Adventure Day 2

screenshot_1422“Poetry is important…” Elder Boyd K. Packer has written, “because of the insights and ideas that can be crystallized in just a verse or two.  The ability of the poet to touch emotional and spiritual is very important as a tool in teaching.

“Poetry is important because of the imagery.  Images are created that convey not only facts, but also feelings.

“…just a verse or two [will] illustrate a point or…forcefully reteach it.  A poem in a lesson is something like a touch of accent or color; it brightens things up.”

So this grey, wet morning,  as I turn to President Uchtdorf’s talk on my iPad “Grateful in Any Circumstances, I keep this in mind and try to think how to crystallize these teachings into images to take the message into my day.

Gratefulness is a mindset, I read, a way to view life, rather then an emotion and expression to only be taken out when blessings and graces are blatantly evident in our lives.

If we carry with us the spirit of gratitude we carry with us its accompanying blessings–joy, happiness, healing, peace, understanding.

I supplemented my mornings reading with a few dives into the Etymology dictionary and a look at a few of the thoughts of Brother David Steindl-Rast and G.K.Chesterton.

And here is my quick, half-hour poem, attempting to crystalize  my readings…

The new day opens,
like a garden door,
And I step into a new world
Rich in colour and fragrance
But see only the dragons of circumstance
–those conditions surrounding
the events in my day–
Whose fiery breath
has power to melt the soul.

Perhaps you have met the dragons, too,
As you enter your new day,
this present gift graced us,
by the Gardener of Souls.

One of the mightiest dragons
Hindering my enjoyment
Is called Inconvenience,
Another is called Murphy
(he has a Law, you know?)

What do we do then
with these dragons
these unwanted circumstances
that would keep us from the joys of the garden
the beauties of the day?

Last Sabbath I renewed covenant–
Some call it ‘Eucharist’ (the thanksgiving)
We call it ‘Sacrament’ (the consecration)
By which blessing I am empowered
To look pass the dragons,
With the Gardener as my guide,
And find, though his Spirit,
joy, healing and peace in His presence,
And sweet life in this day.

The dragons still hound me,
But they shrink so small
As I nourish my soul with the truths
given by the Gardener–
With His Spirit I see,
beyond the dragon’s troubling bulk,
the blue of the forget-me-not.
I breathe in, not the sulphur of dragons
But the mystery of lilacs.
I hear, not the roar of Inconvenience,
But the gentle sound of the garden brook–
Living water flowing through my day
Bring life in its wake.

These beauties are mine
despite the dragons,
sweeter because of them.

What about you?  

What did you read today?  Did you capture its essence in imagery?  Leave a comment below.

Check in with me this evening to see if I was able to look beyond the dragons of circumstances and enjoy the beauties of the day!