Transplanted: Gospel Study Adventure Day 1

screenshot_1426Sometimes–you might have noticed–gems of thought get lost in a forest of bulging paragraphs. There are several ways to isolate those gems.

Mind Mapping: What it is

One way is through mind mapping.  A mind map is where you take a central idea (in my case ‘baptism’ as it is the next lesson in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual) and then brainstorm related ideas that spring from the main one.

In my case instead of brainstorming I am reading through the lesson to learn Joseph Fielding Smith’s ‘brainstorm’ on the subject.

So Day 1 of my Gospel Study Adventure dawns.  Light filters through the leaves of the tree outside my bedroom window as I reach for my mini

Instead of using paper and pen to mind map the lesson I open up Scapple on my Laptop–a virtual mind mapping app.

Pros and Cons of Mind Mapping

Half-an-hour later I have learned several things about Mind mapping.

1) Pros of mind mapping include it is fun, visual and isolates ideas.  Making beautiful little idea trees.

2) Cons of mind mapping–I could cheerfully springboard ideas off ideas for quite sometime.  I also like playing with the aesthetic qualities too much–adding photos, links, changing colours and borders around words.

In other words mind mapping can be time-consuming.

Insight Gained

What did I learn from my study? I’ve thought of baptism as a burial and new birth–which JFS touches on–but not as being transplanted.

There are, or course, a gazillion allusions in scripture to just this subject, and that was one of mind map trails that could have runaway with my time–gathering all those beautiful references onto my mind-map.

Anyway that’s the thought I’m pondering today.

This evening I will report how how/if remembering I am a transplant effected my day.

Gospel Adventure Mind Map--Baptism Lesson from Joseph Fielding Smith manual Mind Map based on Lesson 13 in Joseph Fielding Smith manual. Click to enlarge.