Check-In Day 1: Gospel Study Adventure

So…how did the idea that we are transplanted from the dry, sterile worldly soil to the lovely, nutrient-rich gospel soil transform my day?

I paid a lot more attention to trees.

We read in Zenos’ Parable of the Vineyard (in Jacob 5) that the branches of the vineyard (that would be us) “take hold of the moisture of the root…” (the root being Jesus) and “because of the much strength of the root…” the branches bring forth fruit.

Now transplants in the beginning get a lot of care.  That’s what the internet says anyway. Some get tied to a stake (what a lovely play on words!), others get “hardened” by degrees so they can withstand adversity, still others get sheltered from the wind by stronger plants.

Once the transplants have “taken” I think they would be like the trees I see lining the streets and standing all leafy and silent in my yard.

What do the trees do?

  • They grow…silently, almost imperceptibly.
  • They stand still.
  • They stand tall.
  • They “take moisture from the root”.
  • They provide shelter.
  • They give life.
  • They reach for the sun, bring forth leaves to catch its nourishment, and grow fruit by its light.

Having been transplanted from the worldly to the spiritual life we get to do the same–how marvellous is that!

What about you?

How did your mind mapping go?  What did you learn?  Leave a comment below.


Gospel Day 1Gospel Study Day 1 Visual Quote

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