30 Ways, 30 Days Gospel Study Adventure

Gospel Study challenge“The more deeply he works the mine [of scripture],” Walter Scott wrote, “the richer and more abundant he finds the ore. New light continually beams from these stars of heavenly knowledge, to direct the conduct of man, to illustrate the work of God, and the ways of man…”

One of my goals is to make my gospel study more intentional.  So I’m going on a Gospel Study Adventure this month by using a different learning method each day in my gospel study.

Each morning I will post the morning’s study method challenge–everything from mind mapping to colouring pages!

Each night I will report on how I did that day on applying what I read.

Join me on this gospel study adventure!

Ways of the Week

  • Monday, June 16–Mind Mapping lesson from Joseph Fielding Smith manual
  • Tuesday, June 17–Poem a General Conference talk  (looking for doctrine, blessings and invitation)
  • Wednesday, June 18–Read chapter Summaries for Sunday School Lesson readings
  • Thursday, June 19–Listen to audio chapter of Sunday School readings
  • Friday, June 20–Watch short video segment relating to Sunday School readings
  • Saturday, June 21–Watch children’s video story relating to Sunday School readings