Involving Family in my Work: Balanced Challenge Day 3

Basic RGBToday–day 3 of the Balanced Challenge–asks the questions “How can you involve your kids in your work as as a working stay-at-home Mom?  Or, in my case, the question would be “How can I involve my family in my work as a writer and family historian?”

This is a great question as involving family members provides many benefits.  These include:

1) Keeping connected with family

As my family is scattered around western Canada email and Skype are great ways to stay connected and share our creative doings.

2) Using family’s skills and talents

Gran paints and writes, Mom is a reservoir of knowledge on physical and mental health, Dad can fix and make anything, my sisters are brilliant…a lovely resource to call upon.

3) Providing mutual inspiration for each other

Whether it is Gran’s original African fairy tales, my sister’s Mindfulness Resources for Children, Mom’s creative healthy recipes or Dad’s rebuilt-from-garbage-dump-freebies cabin, each creative endeavour is an inspiration to the rest of us and reminds us what handwork, faith and creativity can produce.

I’m grateful to have these family members in my life and involve them in my work!


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