Following Noah’s Way

Noah copyNoah was born in a time much like today.  People were troubled.  Crime was rampant. He struggled with raising his family.  He eventually had three faithful sons: Japeth, Shem and Ham.  He would need them.

The Lord had given him several commandments: Preach to the people, Build a boat and Gather food and animals.

Noah and his sons kept the faith and were blessed with grace as they kept the Lord’s commandments.

We Can Be Like Noah

We can follow Noah’s example in our day.  We can choose to Now Obey the  Almighty in Hope.   What does that mean exactly?  How can living like Noah bless our lives?


Now, not when the floods came, was the time to build the ark. It was a big project involving many little steps over time.  Likewise in our day the Lord asks us to do some big projects for his kingdom today.  He asks us to build a righteous life, a loving family, a united congregation.  He invites us, like Noah, to share the gospel with those around us.  Like the ark the projects the Lord has assigned us are not built in a day but over time.  They take small and often mundane steps to build them: daily time invested in prayer and scripture study, tending children’s physical and emotional needs and  visiting with neighbours.

If Noah had procrastinated the tasks that went into building the boat and gathering the animals the ark might not have been done on time and several species might not have made it (it’s a pity the mosquitos did!). Noah understood that Now was the time to begin.


One of the reasons Noah was able to overcome the temptation to procrastinate was because of the blessings he was gifted due to his initial obedience.  There is a law upon which all blessings are predicated. One of the laws is being obedient to the Lord’s commands.

Obedience is like priming a pump–lifting the handle up and down might not seem to do much…then suddenly water pours forth to our blessing.  The same was true with Noah.  He was a just man, “perfect in his generation” the record said…and so the Lord was able to bless him.

This divine help included patience, strength, comfort, hope, faith, charity and the skills and vision to do what he had never done before–build an ark and gather animals.

As we are obedient the Lord is able to bless us in our day.  So open those scriptures, or that recipe book, or your phone’s contact list.  As we obediently reach out to connect with him, our families and our neighbours, he will bless our efforts and the kingdom will grow.


One of Jehovah’s titles this one means, well, one who has all the mighty, all the power.  He who is all-powerful can bring the floods and send them away. He was the reason for their obedience and for their hope.  He gave the ‘now’ meaning.

Just like Noah and his sons, we can remember that the Lord is almighty and rest in his power rather than our own. We can walk with him as Noah and his sons did in our ‘now’, building the kingdom one day at a time.


Noah and his sons had their discouraging days.  Preaching to the unreceptive, building a large boat and gathering food and animals were not inspiring tasks in themselves—they were tedious, unrewarding in the short-term and a lot of hard work!  Yet Noah and his sons’ reminded hopeful, sure of their faith and God’s promises.

How did they do this? From a child Noah had grown up hearing stories from his grandfather, Methuselah, about life before Zion was taken away.  He learned the histories of Adam and Eve and their righteous descendants.

As a man of faith he taught this to his sons. They accepted this hope and thus  “walking with God”.  They walked with him spiritually as they prayed and read their scriptures and listened for his word in their heart. This allowed them to see beyond their short-term perspective and embrace God’s vision, knowing he could see further then they could.

What about us?  As we build the kingdom in small ways day by day do with hope? Or has the world and its’ troubles dimmed our hope?

If so let us reclaim our place in building God’s kingdom–let us follow Noah’s example and remember to Now Obey the Almighty in  Hope!