Holding Joy in a Fallen World

mother and child and dandelionDo you ever wake up to more to-dos then you have time for? Do you ever wake up to family troubles and mundane tasks and a feeling of fragmentation?

So did our Mother Eve at one time.  It’s nice to know we’re not alone, isn’t it?  Not only did she have down days just like us but she also learned of a way to hold fast to joy even as she lived in a fallen world.

Although most of Mother Eve’s story is lost from our modern Bibles, her pattern for holding fast to joy can be found tucked away, like a sweet-scented pressed flower,  in another book of scripture—the Pearl of Great Price.

The Story of Eve’s Redemption

Living outside the garden, outside their Father’s presence was hard for Adam and Eve.  But they kept his commandments, working, raising their children, praying and worshiping him just as we do today.  Then an angel came with the glad message of their redemption if they had faith in God’s Only Begotton Son (who would come in the meridian of time and atone for their sins) and kept his commandments. What joy filled their hearts!

Eve held her joy out to her children in a beautiful psalmic testimony: “Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed, and never should have known good and evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient.“

But her children didn’t believe her, they chose to believe Satan instead.  Eve’s disappointment turned to delight when she gave birth to another son.  Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary defines the name she gave her son as  “spear” and also associates it with the idea of something “created”; we know him as Cain.  This son would accept the Lord, Eve was sure!  Soon she had another son.  He was named “a breath”; we know him as Abel.

As her sons grew to manhood Eve’s joy was turned to sadness as Cain also denied his Creator.  Then tragedy struck as Cain, the ‘created’, destroyed, and Abel, the ‘breath’, stopped breathing.

How Eve Processed Tragedy

How did she process this tragedy?  I think of her calling on the Lord daily in behalf of herself and her children.  I think she took time to remember the treasured season in Eden when she walked with God.  Took time to remember her Father’s holy character and his gifts to her—gifts of children, knowledge, faith, and the promise, conditioned on her obedience, of a return to his presence through the merits of the Only Begotton.

Beside her memories, Eve had her husband’s journal to help her remember.  Adam had recorded the events of their creation, fall and redemption so his children would know their heritage and God’s promises to them.  As she taught her children from it did it serve as a reminder to her?  When she came to her testimony did it bring light to her heart?  Rekindle joy in her soul?  Realigned her soul with her Source?

What about Us?

What of us today?  In the midst of our busyness, our day-to-day tasks of life do we remember “the joy of our redemption”?  Or is it buried beneath a pile of to-dos, shoulds, other mundane, non-eternals?

Today lets rediscover the joy of our redemption as Eve did—take time to treasure it, remember it, share it and pray to retain it.  For, as Eve discovered, despite the trials of mortal life the days are easier when you hold fast to joy.

To learn more about Eve’s Story see

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