Frequently Asked Questions

What is your newest release?

My newest book is Blessed Hope: A Glimpse into the Heart of the Old Testament. It is the first of a trilogy exploring the Old Testament from the perspective of peripheral Biblical characters.  Learn more about it here.




What formats do your books come in?

My books are available in Kindle format from Amazon.  Check out my book page for more information and buy links.  Kindle books are read on a Kindle device or with the free Kindle app available for most devices including iPads and phones.

Why did you begin writing devotional poetry?

Each of us learns in different ways.  My primary learning methods (as I discovered in The Gift in You by Dr. Caroline Leaf) are thinking and writing so I decided to apply that to scripture study.  The poetry devotionals are the result. I tried several other formats but fell into poetry after discovering a book of poems kept by my Victorian grandmother.

I found a typo in your book!

Thank you for your great eye!  Please use the contact form to tell me about it so I can fix it in the next addition.