Blessed Hope: Old Testament Devotional ~ Book 1

Blessed Hope: Old Testament Devotional ~ Book 1
eBook: $3.99
Genre: Devotional
Publisher: Green Fountain Publications
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 107 pages
The promise of a Redeemer touched the hearts of Eve and her descendants, empowering them to meet hardships with hope and testify in joy.
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About the Book

Jerusalem. 730 B.C. Living in a corrupt kingdom with foreign invasion on the horizon, Isaiah’s wife longs to take refuge and find strength in the Holy One of Israel.

She turns to the holy writings her husband has collected and is immersed in the heart-thoughts of Eve and Elisheba, Rizpah and Gomer. Will their praises and witness provide the strength she needs?

“I take time today
to rest in the testimonies of the past.
I hope to glean insights for my day,
hope the stories in these scrolls
will strengthen my future,
hope they will give me wisdom
to raise my family in righteousness.

I take a scroll to the low table
and, as I read, I am caught up
in the rhythm and cadence
of Israel’s past…”

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