How to Bookmark Lessons in the LDS Gospel Library App


“The  less energy it takes to kick-start a positive habit,” Shawn Anchor says in The Happiness Advantage,”the more likely that habit will stick.”

So when the new lesson schedule for Relief Society was handed out I decided to kick-start my potential to read the chapter before Sunday by transferring the schedule from paper (which I was likely to lose) into the LDS Gospel Library itself so I could quickly and easily see the lesson I should be reading.

How did I do that?  Using the bookmark feature of the LDS Gospel Library app.

Here’s how:

1) Open the LDS Gospel Study app on your iPad.








2) Navigate to the lesson by tapping the Auxiliary/Organization (like Relief Society), then the lesson manual (like Joseph Fielding Smith), then the specific chapter you would like to bookmark.

3) Tap the Bookmark icon in the top right of the app.










4)  Tap ‘Add Bookmark’










A red ribbon will appear along with the virtual keyboard letting you type in a name for the bookmark (if you don’t want the title to be the default chapter/talk heading).

6) Type in the date the lsson will be taught along with its name.image-12









7) Tap ‘Done’
There!  All organized.  Now I can skip the Find-the-Paper step and go directly to reading the material.