Day 9: The Photo

Welcome to Day 9 of the Gospel Study Adventure where I explore different ways of connecting and retaining principles in my Gospel Study.

Today I took my camera and went out looking for things that would represent the Holy Spirit as that he and his influence is the subject of Lesson 13 in the Joseph Fielding Smith manual.

I found inspiration outside on my balcony as my little radish plants are springing up.


For me this picture represents so many things…

  • new growth
  • new life
  • great things coming from small beginnings
  • growth through taking in sunlight (or in our case Son Light)
  • receiving living water as needed
  • developing a strong root system
  • living in shelter from direct sun/wind
  • and more!

What About You?

What did you find to take a photo of?  What gopsel principle does it remind you of? Leave a comment below.