Day 8: What a Rich Gift of Story

Today’s Gospel Study method is to look t a gospel painting.

This is the one I’m looking at today. It is by Jeff Preston and is on Good Salt’s religious imagery.









What a powerful depiction of a righteous prophet Nathan and a considering and downcast King David! Nathan’s story for David (of the pet lamb being eaten by the rich man in 2 Samuel 12) reminds me that the prophets have stories for all of us throughout scripture.

Which one applies to me right now?

Am I looking for a lost coin? Do I look in every corner like the woman in the parable or give up? Am I like the good Samaritan?  Am I prepared to meet a hurt stranger and not turn away?  Am I like the plants growing in the different soils?  Is my growth chocked by weeds, roasted by the sun?

What a rich gift of story the prophets have left us from which we can enter–like King David–into the emotions of the characters and come away with new insights into our own challenges and blessings!

What About You? What image did you find and what does it mean to you? Here’s the visual for today.

Day 8 visual diary