8 Books I Plan to Read in June


Books to Read June


I was surprised the other day to discover, when checking Amazon, that I have downloaded over 1,000 books for my Kindle!

Many of them are free public domain books, several are “collections” (such as Delphi Complete Works of L.M. Montgomery), others are books that were on sale…but still it was rather  a shock!

I love the pros of Kindle books–turns a heavy, thick hardcover book into a feather light book (in fact I can hold a whole library in one slim device), being able to easily highlight favourite passages and retrieve them instead of having to type them out, accessibility to otherwise rare books, convenience in obtaining them (one-click shopping!) and they are usually cheaper then their physical counterparts.

Of course I miss many features of having the physical version–I don’t have to charge its battery, can always see and feel its beautiful cover in colour, the feel of the paper and smell of the book.

Inspired by Crystal Paine, of MoneySavingMom, I am experimenting with being more intentional in my reading.

This month I plan to read 8 books…

1) Mr Monk is Open for Business by Hy Conrad–Looks like a  light, fun read…the 18th book in the Monk book series based on the tv show. (320 pages)

2) Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity by Michael Card–Not sure if I like the tone of this one but thought I would try it as I love the title. (168 pages)

3) 21 Principles: Divine Truths to Help You Live by the Spirit by Richard G. Scott–I love the cover, enjoyed his previous book and am interested in learning more about the principles the book contains(112 pages)

4) The Curse of Carne’s Hold by G. A. Henty–I’ve always heard that G. A. Henty’s books (written in the late 1800s) were uplifting historical reads for kids that were full of adventure and characters with…character (honour, integrity, kindness, diligence, etc) but have never actually read any.

Then I discovered the “complete works” on Amazon (for less then $5!) and decided to give it a try. This is one of those times when I feel cheated out of the beautiful covers, thick paper and musty old book smell (which always signals to me a magical work full of characters with strength who surmount adventures/challenges with the help of God, friends and family…and maybe a little magic if they happen to come from the pen of E. Nesbit).

On the other hand they look rather heavy!

I am trying The Curse of Carne’s Hold which, according to Live and Learn Farm, is about the Kaffir war in South Africa in the 1850s.  As many of my ancestors were participants–holed up in fortified laagars–I thought I would try it. (262 pages)

5) Andy’s Escape! The Petersen’s and the Kidnappers! by N.A.M. Welsh–A middle-grade read written by a cousin that promises mystery and adventure. (128 pages)

6) Word from New France: The Selected Letters of Marie de L’Incarnation translated and edited by Joyce Marshall–Sixty-six of 200 surviving letters written from 1639-1670 by Marie de L’Incarnation, an Ursuline nun who came to Quebec in 1639 to teach the native and french girls.

I have several French-Canadian ancestors from that era so I am looking forward to reading about that time. (377 pages)

Rounding out my selection for the month are two (or more) ‘surprise books’ which I haven’t discoverd yet–as likely a few books I’m not intentionally planning to read will get read!

I am also reading through (via the LDS Gospel Library app) The Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith, April General Conference and the scriptures.  Instead of reading them straight through I’m experimenting with ways to study them more intentionally and thus retain (and apply) what they teach.  More on that later.

What books do you plan to read in June? I’d love to know–leave a comment below!

Come back in July to see which books I managed to read and what I thought about them!