“A New Song”: Balanced Challenge Day 4

It is day 4 of the Balanced Challenge with Tricia Goyer and the question from chapter 4 is “How do you know God’s call for your life?”  She encourages us to spend some quiet time with Heavenly Father and our scriptures and find a verse that reaffirms God’s call to us.

I’ve been enjoying reading her post on this topic and her excellent advice on knowing God’s call.

How do you know your call?”she asks on her blog. Here are her three criteria:

  1. It excites you.
  2. It is in line with what God has asked you to do—where He’s led you.
  3. Others respond, are encouraged, and are drawn closer to Christ.

The Verse that Spoke to Me

I believe, according to Tricia’s criteria above, that I’m called to write and help others find their family history.  But what verse would the Lord send to confirm that impression?

The scriptures are so vast–there is the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price–full of a gazillion verses.  How was I to find the one that spoke to me?

So I asked the Lord and he said continue reading where I was–which was in Psalms–and he would give me a verse just for me.

Well, I was doubtful.  The psalms are full of praise and prayer but I didn’t think I’d find a verse about writing and family history in them.

But I turned to Psalm 33 where I’d left off a few days before and began reading.  And then a verse leapt out at me…


The version I read actually said “loud noise” but a check of Strong’s Hebrew and a few other versions had the word and connotation of ‘joy’ so I’m going with that 🙂

At first glance this did not look like the verse for me–unless the Lord meant I should concentrate on my guitalele (with which I do make ‘great noise’, though rather discordant).

Always a lover of words I looked up ‘song’ and discovered it also means ‘poetry’.  And that’s what I’ve been doing the last few months is working on a new volume of devotional poetry for Easter based on the Biblical account.

But it hasn’t been going to well and I was almost ready to dismiss it and try something less difficult.

But, says the Lord in my morning verse, “sing a new song…”

What will be the result?

I check the footnote for the verse and am led to Psalm 40:3.


The Ultimate Call

And that, after all, is the ultimate call, isn’t it?  To bring others to the shepherd of their souls.  I love the way author Angela Hunt put it in her book (which I highly recommend) A Christian Writer’s Possibly Useful Ruminations on a Life in Pages (Writing Lessons from the Front):

“Wherever you are in life, you are to love and obey God where you are. That’s your calling. My calling—and yours—may change tomorrow. The woman who’s obeying God as a teacher today may obey him as a missionary tomorrow. The things we often think of as permanent “callings” are anything but permanent . . . if we remain open to the will of God and are willing to obey him. He does not always lead down well-paved interstates. Sometimes he leads over twisty, circuitous paths. But always, he is leading.”

She also says “…in God’s ultimate reality, the earthly externals don’t matter—what matters is if we were obedient to God’s call, if we were good stewards with the talents and abilities we were given, and if we obeyed the prompting of the Spirit.”

What about You?

What ‘new song’, new creative endeavour has the Lord put in your heart?  What small steps can you follow today to accomplish that goal?

This post is part of the Balanced challenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

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